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from the set to your location

Live Streaming from the film set is the new Norm.  "ADVANCED VIDEO SET STREAM", streams your live camera feeds, and playback from VTR, over the internet to any remote location worldwide.
This is an essential tool for remote producers and clients

Security is priority # 1

Protecting your content from third party intruders is a must

  • Major Hollywood Studios have performed security assessments of the Qtake streaming ecosystem and approved its usage on major productions worldwide


  • End to End encryption for total security


  • Control over client access


  • Dynamic adjustable watermarking


  • Extensive user management with role based permission sets


  • Secure Two-Factor authentication


  • Operator approval from streaming tech
  • Location internet survey - Upload/Download speed tests - 1080p stream test


  • Working with location IT personnel to ensure internet streaming needs


  • Support services to set-up client devices before the shoot.
  • Tech Support during the shoot



  1. Client downloads free "QTAKE Monitor" app from the app store for their laptop, Ipad, phone, or Apple tv


  1. You give us a list of clients that you want to have access to the project and we send them email invites


  1. Clients get an invite with the project link that allows them to create a free account. They create a unique password for that account and click "SUBMIT" then they are sent an authentication email


  1. After authenticating the account the client can join the project by clicking on the project name in the Qtake Monitor app.


  1. Video Streaming tech sees the approved email address on our console and approves them for streaming and sets permissions for access, watermark, allow screenshots, allow downloading etc.
  1. "Advanced Video Set Stream" provides low latency streaming for up to 32 remote users

here's how it works

The "Qtake Monitor" app window on your computer can be full screen or adjustable as needed to share screen with other apps or browsers.  The Ipad and phone app window is always full screen. Each camera view can be clicked on to make it full screen, and both Ipad and phone will work in horizontal or vertical viewing mode as needed.

ADVANCED VIDEO SET STREAM provides an HD 1080p professional quality stream that is completely secure with end to end encryption and Two-Factor Authentication. There are many cheap streaming alternatives available to stream your content remotely over the internet. But these public platform streaming alternatives have many downsides. First and foremost, streaming on Zoom, Facebook, Vimeo Pro or any other public streaming platform is not secure, and your content is at risk from 3rd party intruders that can view and even record the stream once they gain access.  Additionally, most of these public streaming platforms have high latency issues which means the video stream would have a delay between 3 seconds on the low end and up to 15 seconds of delay on the high end. Another issue with these public streaming services  is they only stream their video from 5 fps up to 12 fps.  When streaming video at these low frame rates the image won't look fluid and clean if the video has any motion or movement in it.  For example, Zoom looks decent if you are in a zoom meeting and you are sitting in a chair without much movement.  But video with motion from the talent or motion from the camera will not look good at those low streaming frame rates.  Keep in mind, if you are viewing video with motion at only 5 fps to 12 fps stream rate over the course of a 10 hour day, your eyes will be stressed which can lead to headaches.

advanced video set stream



(Ultimate streaming powered by Qtake)

Have Questions?

Phone: +1 310-592-0997

Brett Junod

On-Set Stream Tech - Video Assist/Vtr playback - RF Tech - Data Management

Video Engineer  I.A.T.S.E. Local 695



Los Angeles, CA.  90292

310.592.0997 - -


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