• Single & Multi-Camera Video Playback packages
  for all HD &  35mm motion picture Film cameras.
 • VISUAL FX: Multi-Layered compositing, Chroma
   keying,Precision   alignment, Image Resize / Crop /       Shift


• PRO WIRELESS: Long Range Helicopter, Camera Car,
  Camera Tracking Vehicle Transmitting Solutions.
• On-Set Editing: Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects,
  Premier Pro, Pro Tools, Photoshop.
• Motion control triggering, Variable Speed Playback,
  Motionramping, Remote Recording.
• Extreme Portable run & gun systems:  Pix240 HD, HD
  Combo Deck/Monitor, Handheld wireless monitor. 
• Providing the preferred Sony OLED Pro HD monitors    for
  critical picture evaluation
• Offering the latest in HD Video Assist technology for    Feature Film, Television, Commercial & Music Video      productions.
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Video Assist Services

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